Hope Moves

The Conference Council on Youth Ministries has set a goal of sending at least one student from every church in the conference on an international mission trip in the next five years.  We will be choosing one country and working with a missions sending agency to sponsor mission trips to that country – as many trips as necessary to reach our goal of sending one student from each of our 450+ churches.  Students will be available to come to your church to share more about this opportunity soon. Keep watching this page for more information.

Who can participate?

Participating students should be between 8th and 11th grade at the time of application. Remember, we want you to send students who will be able to come back and share this experience in your church and other churches in the conference.

If your church has more than one student interested in participating, please contact Shane Hinderliter. Space may or may not be available.

How can my church get involved?

Each church is asked to send one student. It’s up to you who you send. They will serve as your ambassador to Hope Moves. Choose a stu- dent who will be able to come back and share their experience in a way that will ignite a passion for service in others.

What are the responsibilities of the church?

The church will be asked to identify the student they have chosen to represent them. The church is asked to “send” the student, not just give them their blessing to go. What does that mean? It means that we encourage each church to help the student pay the costs of the trip and we ask church leaders to help prepare that student for the experience.

Will students know anyone else who is going?

Yes. And No. When a student is selected to be part of a Hope Moves trip he or she may not yet know any of the other participants. Howev- er, informational meetings with participants and their parents as well as team- building/teaching times will remedy that before we even leave for Nicaragua!

How can I learn more?

Please contact Shane Hinderliter at shinderliter@pen-del.org or 877-736-3351 x15 with any ques- tions or to schedule someone to come to your church to talk about Hope Moves. There are several students and adults who partici- pated in past trips who would love to come share more about Hope Moves with you.

How do we get started?

Please contact Shane and let him know you are interested in sending a student. The earlier we can be in communi- cation with church leaders, interested students, and parents the better! We’ll get you all the paperwork you need and talk to you more about deadlines, payment schedule, etc.