One Day

One Day 2018: Grave Yard Shift

One Day is a Conference-wide Missions Day for Youth Groups. It provides an opportunity for youth groups to do a short-term, local missions project and bring back skills and experience to do that locally at their church or immediate surrounding area.

This will be the fourth One Day project, and will be targeted for the Easton District, since this is the only district we’ve not had one in. The location for check-in, dispersion and gathering back would be St. Mark’s UMC in Easton, MD.
Groups will register in advance (online registration available soon). The cost would be ($5-10 – TBD), covering a bag lunch and possibly a t-shirt, which will be provided.

The groups’ mission will be to clean, upkeep and/or repair cemeteries in need throughout the District. The future take away is they can then do this in their own districts.

The groups would meet with an individual at each location who will explain what needs to be done and answer any questions about the work. Tools would be provided by the locations, based on the work needed. It would be the responsibility of the location to make sure any and all supplies needed for the work would be provided – including any protective clothing/items, if needed.

Specifics as of right now:

Date: Saturday April 14, 2018, roughly 9AM – 4:30PM
Where: St. Mark’s UMC, Easton, MD