One Weekend

Since everyone has the dates set aside anyway, we want to encourage a weekend of fun and togetherness, only on a much smaller and safer scale. We have come up with a weekend opportunity for us to still share our devotion in Christ, and to show love to others, by giving back to YOUR community.

CCYM has decided to move our One Day missions event to January 9 & 10 because this would be the time for annual rally attendees and the weekend cannot be forgotten! We will theme this event as “My Piece”, tying in to the Youth Rally theme. So, on January 9 & 10, 2021, CCYM would like to challenge each of you, individually, as a group, as a church, to unite together and give back. Find a unique way to do something nice for someone else, whether it be shoveling driveways, offering drinks to delivery people, or helping the local shelter. It can be whatever!

Visit this page to view updates as they develop. We will be offering a place to pledge your help and also offer ideas for you to help – either going out to help somewhere and also ideas for you to keep it very local.

CCYM will be also gathering that weekend to also participate and offer live updates throughout the weekend. We will be coming up with ways for you to send updates from YOUR churches and groups. Every piece put together helps us piece together God’s Puzzle.

The Conference Council of Youth Ministry
The Peninsula-Delaware Conference of the United Methodist Church