Name District/Area Group Type Description Website/Link
Make picture frames for Seniors All Both Picture frames out of crafting sticks so seniors can add a picture of loved ones in or insert scripture.
Deliver meals/groceries to vulnerable seniors All Both Contact a local Meals on Wheels
Hygiene bags for the homeless All Both Many homeless individuals are actually working but they just can’t afford a place to stay. Women frequently need feminine hygiene products and soap etc. Men need shaving items as well. Consider building self hygiene bags to hand out.
Clothing drive-Gathering Coats, blankets, gloves etc for the homeless All Both Christina Park in Wilmington. There are several homeless families that are in need of warm clothing- This could be identified in any area.
Church Sanitization All Group Go to your church or a local church, and volunteer to do light sanitization on door knobs, chairs, and other surfaces that are used often. This way it can be done before a sunday service or before an event!
Collect baby items for childcare facilities All Both Reach out to the homeless shelters/women’s shelter to to see what is in need for babies (pampers, formula, baby items, items for toddlers)
Recording songs on instruments/singing All Both If you play an instrument or sing, record videos performing christmas songs, hymns, or some of your favorites to send to nursing homes or soldiers.
Become a Volunteer Tutor All Individual This opportunity involves tutoring and mentoring low-income students on your own schedule, online. You can select which subjects you are willing to tutor other students in, and select times which you are available. The service will notify you when à student needs help.
General Delaware Volunteer All Both This is a general resource for volunteer opportunities for volunteer opportunities across the state of Delaware
Code purple Volunteer Opportunity Wilmington Both Disposable masks are very important for the homeless, re-entry clients, low income families and more. For our elderly clients they are filled with fear and giving them this peace of mind is essential. We will distribute them during our weekly feedings. You can drop off during our normal pantry hours. Your support is always appreciated!
Reading Angels All Individual For this opportunity, you have the ability to choose a children’s book to read and record audio yourself reading the book. Then, you’ll upload that audio to the link provided on the website.Please check the website for more information.
Donating blood and plasma All Individual "Research local blood banks in your area. BlArdinood banks are in desperate need of blood and especially donations from those who have already had covid. American Red Cross is in need & can sponsor blood drives thru local organizations"
Recording for the “Human VoiceBank” All Both This volunteer opportunity helps people with speechlessness and language skills. This website also strives to help advance voice technology and helps come up with ways to recognize and synthesize speech.
Food Bank Donations All Both "Donate and collect items to your local food banks! ADDRESS FOR DROP OFF: Food Bank of Delaware Newark Location: 222 Lake Dr, Newark, DE 19702 wish list Food Bank of the Eastern Shore 28500 Owens Branch Rd, Salisbury, MD 21801
Record a chapter book for Librivox All Both Record A Chapter for Librivox This opportunity requires you to record a chapter of a certain book for the Public Domain in the USA, so that they are available for free on the internet.
Be a Smithsonian Volunteer All Both This is one of the more challenging opportunities. This page offers several categories of opportunities through the Smithsonian. If you’re interested in transcribing historical documents, have knowledge of plants/identifying mysterious gardens, or participating in the Encyclopedia of Life, contributing information to Wikipedia, or learning/looking out for invasive species, this is your opportunity!
Creating Jared boxes for children in the hospital Wilmington Both Decorate plastic shoe boxes filled with toys and items for kids in the hospitals. Contact hospitals prior to see who is is accepting Jared Boxes during the pandemic
Handing out water/snacks to mail/delivery people All Both This could be as simple as leaving a water bottle and a pre-packaged snack in the mailbox with a thank you letter/note
Youth make a video explaining how to access online church All Both Contact nursing homes to inquire about the best way to Submit this.
Making/decorating snack boxes + school supplies for college students All Both Get some snacks, candy, post-it notes… (anything a struggling college student can use) as safe and a thoughtful gesture! Call the schools in your district and ask if they need supplies for their students, and if so what? And ask when might be a good time to drop them off at the school. Many schools are handing out lunches still so the Supply drop off could be coordinated with that.
“Positivity Challenge” All Both Go to a public place (town square) and simply hold up posters or signs with positive sayings (Have a great day, smile at someone today, etc.) It would just be a wonderful way to spread positivity without putting others in danger of covid!
Help Our Seniors in upkeep All Both Signups to help older people with chores and simple upkeep of homes. This can include, but not limited to shoveling snow, raking leaves, getting groceries or anything else they may need.
Community Cleanup All Both Clean YOUR streets! Just as simple as cleaning up trash found within the streets, parks, churches and beaches!
Painting Over Graffiti All Both Painting over graffiti allows the community to feel proud and confident about their town! You could even work something out with the town to make sure the area is maintained after you finish painting. NEED to contact City or Town Halll
Send Letters/Crafts To Those Who May Be Alone! All Both Sending letters, videos, crafts to grandparents in nursing homes, soldiers, or simply people shut-in. Please contact your local nursing home for details. Write letters to members of the nursing home- can generically be addressed or ask for a specific list of names
Feeding the Homeless/Giving out homeless bags All Both Head to your local store and grab essentials that you can then put into bags to give out. As you are out hand these bags pout and see the smiles on their faces!
Sunday Breakfast Mission Wilmington Group Please reach out to this organization BEFORE arriving. ALL assistance must be scheduled in advance